J KoKo Hauling LLC is a tri-axle dump truck service company. This Pittsburgh, PA based company is a veteran, minority and woman owned enterprise founded by Jill Ann Smallwood. We transport dry bulk commodities, raw materials, construction and demolition waste, scrap metals, stone, land, sand, and more. Providing service to Allegheny and surrounding communities, we offer hourly, by the load, tonnage and daily rates. J KoKo Hauling is a Limited Liability Company (LLC) business structure.

Our main objective is to show growth in billable hours and by employing members of the communities
we provide service to. Reliable equipment, friendly professionalism and scheduling
efficiency are all essential. Building business relationships by getting to know the history
of each project is vital; remaining personable, engaging in face-to-face conversations rather
than solely communicating via technology is key.

All team members are experienced local CDL operators. Our goal is to grow the company each
year as reflected in the financial projections by increasing billable hours, adding additional equipment and team members. J KoKo Hauling will strive to become a premier hauling company with
reliable, safe and professional services for all clients. Building a client base is key for J KoKo Hauling.

Mission Statement
Our mission is to secure complete client satisfaction through a committed J KoKo Hauling
team that provides safe, efficient and cost-effective delivery to and from work sites. J KoKo Hauling believes strongly in building relationships to build business.